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Angling Artist

Aug. 24, 2020 at 3:22 p.m. MDT

"Angling Artist", addresses the fundamentals of angling in the "danger zone". Partner up players and spread them out throughout the zone. On the whistle the receiver skates along the boards, covering about 4 panes of glass, turns and repeats the pattern over and over while skating close to the boards. The checker who must always start behind the cone attacks the receiver with body control and attempts to angle and pin along the boards. The checker can check the player from either side. After 25 seconds the coach blows the whistle and the the partners switch roles and begin.

Teaching Points

Giver: Time the check and attack from an angle and not perpendicular to the receiver (straight on). Be careful not to over commit and put yourself ahead of the receiver and allow the cut back. Skate through the hands with body to eliminate options of the receiver. Always maintain body control and keep the hands down.

Receiver: Make eye contact with the giver at all times and do not look down or away. Either counter the check shoulder to shoulder while driving off the outside leg, OR, position yourself tight against the boards, shoulder up and protecting your zipper. Do not be a victim, protect yourself and be confident.

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