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Angling Devil

Aug. 24, 2020 at 3:31 p.m. MDT

"Angling Devil", reinforces the importance of position and timing as it relates to checking. On the whistle the offensive player takes a puck from the crease pile and explodes left or right along the goal line. The defensive player skates up the middle, reads the direction of the puck carrier and then sets the angle to force the puck carrier up the boards and prevent the cut back.The goal is for the puck carrier to carry the puck out of the zone with control and for the forechecker to create a turnover. The puck carrier is not allowed to cut back inside the cone barrier. Half way through the drill have the colors switch roles.

Teaching Points

Puck Carrier: Change of speed and evasive skating. Head is always up and swiveling to read the checker. Make eye contact and if being hit don't look down at the puck, protect yourself and attempt to counter the check.

Checker: Mid-ice angle and read the puck carrier to set the proper angle to eliminate the cut back and yet not allow the puck carrier to skate ahead. Change speed

and adapt according to the puck carrier speed. On check, stick is on the puck and body is on the body. Separate the player from the puck with body control and drive through the hands.

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  • Angling Devil