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Back Alley Skate

Aug. 25, 2020 at 5:17 p.m. MDT

"BackAlley Full-Ice Skate", enables players to work their skating skills in a full-ice pattern. Players begin one at a time as identified by the coach. The next player begins once the previous player reaches the blue line. Coaches should execute a few sets without pucks and then add pucks. Coaches can add pivots, and backwards skating to the drill as a progression.

Teaching Points

Skating; Arms move side to side to counter the legs which push to the side. Skate should only recover 1/2 way to the body and not the mid-line. Avoid the skate kicking up to the bum and keep the blades close to the ice. Deep knee bend is always critical.

Puck Control; Carry the puck in front of the body. Cradle the puck with 'soft hands'. Utilize both sides of the blade of the stick.

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  • BackAlley Full-Ice Skate