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Bad Angle Wall

Aug. 24, 2020 at 3:51 p.m. MDT

"Bad Angle Wall", has the coach or player starting on the side of the net below the goal line and the goaltender on the opposite side of the crease simulating the puck at the point. On go, the goalie then moves down to the post staying in the ready position, they then move across the goalie line and as they begin their move off of the post the coach brings the puck out from the side of the net and takes a bad angle shot at the goalie. The goalie should attempt to cover the puck, and if it is loose play the rebound. The goalie then goes back to the top of the crease and begins the next sequence once the coach says go.

Teaching Points

-There are many types of techniques to stopping an attack below the goal line. In this case, the shot comes quickly and from in tight to the crease, hence making the most sense for the goalie to have their post pad down creating a "wall" against the puck.

-Older goaltenders may choose to go down to one knee right away instead of coming from post to post on their feet, it is important to talk with them and make sure they understand how they are using the technique.

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  • Bad Angle Wall