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Bugs Bunny Pucks

Aug. 21, 2020 at 4:29 p.m. MDT

"Bugs Bunny Pucks" is a progression to "Bugs Bunny". Sticks are now spread apart so that there is a five foot gap between butt ends. Groups are now made up of three players. One player the "Rabbit" carries a puck while the opponent "Coyote" who starts on the other side of the sticks , carries no stick. The "Coyote" attempts to get on the same side of the stick and tag the puck carrier to win. The "Coyote" can not tag across the stick or step over the stick. The third player in each group is resting. Coaches blow the whistle about every 20 seconds to initiate the switch and

rotation of players.

Teaching Points

Puck Control: Eyes up and reading the opponent while skating with the puck. Deceptive change of direction and body fakes to fool the chaser. Puck must be handled in close to the feet to have success which requires a dynamic and tilting blade.

Checking: Mobility and balance without a reliance on the tick. Posture is critical with head and eyes up to read the puck carrier.

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