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Butterfly Series

Aug. 17, 2020 at 4:23 p.m. MDT

"Butterfly Series", creates a pattern whereby players can work on skills and finish with a shot on goal. Once the first player hits the center circle the player begins. Red always attacks towards one end and blue the other. Players hurry back to their respective lines once the rep is completed. There are many progressions to consider and feel free to create your own. We've demonstrated: 1. Zig Zag 2. Pivots 3. Backhand Carry 4. Backwards Skate 5. Straight Away Speed.

Teaching Points

Skating and Puck Control: This is not a race, focus on proper technique and execution. Shooting is also a very important part of this drill. Attack the goaltenders from different angles (cut to the middle first, wide drives)...

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  • Butterfly Series