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Circle Swarm and Pass

Aug. 24, 2020 at 11:34 a.m. MDT

"'Circle Swarm & Pass", adds a twist to the traditional circle drill while incorporating passing. Two players begin (opposite sides), at the same time. They skate 1/2 circles (only) and intersect throughout the pattern. After making a pass to the opposite line as they skate the first circle they then skate the circle on the opposite side and receive the pass back at the top of the second circle. Both players then attack their respective goaltenders with purposeful shots or dekes. As soon as the players complete the end zone circles the whistle is blown to begin the next two players. When returning to line ensure players do not interfere with the next group of players.

Teaching Points

Passing; Move the puck early on the initial pass. Communicate with voices and body language. Stick is on the ice and square to the target.

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  • Circle Swarm & Pass