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Cone Jump Crazy

Aug. 17, 2020 at 4:27 p.m. MDT

"Cone Jump Crazy", is a very advanced skating drill. Players start between two cones and skate to the middle cone and jump turn over the cone while attempting to maintain balance and body control. Coaches can utilize any configuration they wish to maximize reps for the players. The players repeat and continue the execution under coach direction .

There are three progressions to this drill.

1. Basic Jump Forwards

2. 180 Jump Turn (landing backwards).

3. 360 Jump Turn (landing forwards).

Adjust the progressions based upon the level of your team.

Teaching Points

Skating: Confidence is a major key in this drill especially at the younger levels. For lower level skaters teams may only acheive level 1. Players require deep knee bend on take off and landings. Good ankle bend and mobility leads to strong knee bend. Control the stick on the jump and attempt to maintain body control. Posture is important with the head up while avoiding bending from the waist.

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  • Cone Jump Crazy