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Cross Ice Extinction

Aug. 24, 2020 at 8:58 a.m. MDT

"Cross-Ice Extinction" creates a competive environment with numerical advantages. The drill begins 3vs3 with 30 second shifts. Change on the whistle or the fly depending on the age level and coach expectations. Once a goal is scored the coach blows the whistle and asks the goal scoring team whether they want to add a player to their team or take away a player from the other team. The option that is chosen can not be used twice in a row!!! Once the decision is made the drill re-starts. The goal is to extinct the other team such that their are no players left on their team. Be careful!! Many times teams are up and relax and the oppent fights back!!

Teaching Points

Man Advantage: Attack triangles, quick give and go passes to players who are "puck ready". Deceptive passing, one time shooting and scoring skills. Shorthanded: Defensive side body position, stick on the puck and body on body, control the mid-ice lane and force the puck to the perimeter for low quality shots and scoring chances.

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  • Cross-Ice Extinction