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Cross Ice Puck Possession

Aug. 24, 2020 at 9:01 a.m. MDT

"Cross-Ice Puck Possession" encourages players and teams to manage the puck and not throw it away. The game is played 2vs 2 or 3vs3. If a player throws the puck away (un-forced giveaway), coaches call out the player's name and they exit the drill immediately, skate a figure 8 around the two neutral zone cones, and return immediately to the game. As a result, their team is shorthanded for about 15 seconds. This drill develops an appreciation for puck support and finding open ice.

Teaching Points

Offensively: Support the puck in front of the play and laterally and behind it also. If passing lanes are closed attempt to escape your check and maintain possession or put the puck to a spot where there is a high probability of puck recovery. Defensively: Create pressure through speed and body position. Sticks are effective tools to close lanes and force turnovers.

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  • Cross-Ice Puck Possession