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Dead or Alive

Aug. 24, 2020 at 1:09 p.m. MDT

"Dead or Alive", challenges goaltenders and shooters in a scoring and goaltending competition. Players attack on the whistle and attempt to score. If they do, they regroup to the top of the circle, grab a new puck and continue. If the goaltender can stop and smother the puck or shoot the puck out of the circle the player is dead. If the player is stopped but the puck stays in the circle the player is still alive and continues to attack with that puck. The player who scores the most goals before being stopped is declared the winner. Goaltenders will be exhausted after this station.

Teaching Points

Attacker: Stop net front on misses and avoid curling away from the net as rebounds in the circle are playable in this game. Be deceptive and avoid the poke check in close. Focus on deceptive shooting and fool the goaltenders with body language (look top left and shoot bottom right).

Goaltender: Aggressive stick and aggressive clears of the puck outside of the circle. 2nd and 3rd shot positioning is important and is a real challenge in this game. Square up to rebounds and continue to work.

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  • Dead or Alive