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Dot Mania Relay

Aug. 24, 2020 at 3:02 p.m. MDT

"Dot Mania Relay", creatively works on attack principles and goaltending. On the whistle, two players from each team leave the bench and retrieve one puck from their side of the center line. They attack until they score. Once they do, they backcheck off of the ice and two of their teammates jump on and retrieve a puck from any of the piles. The first team that finishes all of the piles is declared the winner. If the goaltender smothers the puck, players must back off and allow the goaltender to play the puck to the side of the net. Feel free to play several sets of this game as it will be a huge hit for the kids.

Teaching Points

Attack Options: Quick puck movement and deceptive (no look passing). Utilize stick fakes, body fakes and head fakes. Make high percentage passes and watch out for the poke check. Strategize in what order to pick up the pucks and back check hard off following goals.

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  • Dot Mania Relay