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Double Dot Attack

Aug. 17, 2020 at 4:34 p.m. MDT

"Double Dot Attack", creates both tempo and high speed execution opportunities for the players. The first player begins with a puck, picks one of the two opposite neutral zone face off dots and explodes to the dot, tight turning over it and then passes the puck to the next player in line. The player then deadens the puck and leaves it within a stick length of the cone and the player must re-group, pick up the puck and attack the net for a shot. The next player then begins. Numerous progressions can be run off of this sequence including multiple passes.

Teaching Points

Passing: Pass the puck with velocity and accuracy after the tight turn. The receiver deadens the puck with soft hands and leaves it within a stick length for the re-group. Utilize the forehand and backhand pass.

Skating: Pick the opposite dot each time. Add a skating fake prior to reaching the dot.

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