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Double Down Regroup

Aug. 17, 2020 at 2:23 p.m. MDT

"Double Down Re-group", serves as an excellent station or game warm-up drill. Three forwards begin at the center line and pass to D1 or D2. D1 or D2 then go D to D while the three forwards transition and receive the puck back. Once they reach the neutral zone they re-group once again and attack, on-side, the two defensemen who have gapped up 3vs2. The remainder of the D stay tight against the boards and out of the way. Once the 3vs2 finishes the next group of forwards and two new D who have moved over to the end zone dots begin.

Teaching Points

Forwards: Transition skate with open pivots which makes them pass options 100% of the time. Communicate and fill the lanes versus duplicating lanes. Utilize cross and drops and deceptive passing.

Defense men: Avoid rushing the DtoD pass, "Be quick but don't be in a hurry". Gap up after the transition pass to play the 3vs2.

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  • Double Down Re-group