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Edge Mastery

Aug. 19, 2020 at 9:45 a.m. MDT

"Edge Mastery" is a very advanced and challenging skating sequence for players that will master the use of edges. Based upon your age level, adjust the drill accordingly to suit your specific team and player needs. Consider the following progressions as you observe the drill. 1. One legged skating on the right leg. 2. One legged skating on the left leg. 3. One legged skating with the forward to backward to forward pivot progression on both the right and left legs. Even the top skaters in the game will find this drill very challenging.

Teaching Points

Skating: Allow players to start with a little momentum off of the boards prior to executing their edging. This drill is not a race and many players rush to hurry to the other side and as a result do not execute properly. Encourage them to have deep ankle and knee bend and stay balanced on the middle of their skate (Zone #2 and Zone #3).

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  • Edge Mastery