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Four Lane Indy 3

Aug. 19, 2020 at 10:21 a.m. MDT

"Four Lane Indy 3" is one of the "Indy Series Drills". Four skating lanes are created for the players. Coaches should demo the drill by skating the lanes and demonstrating the skills. The next player begins once the first player reaches the top of the circle. This will provide players with lots of repetitions and proper work to rest ratios. Consider the following skating and skill progressions. Pick and choose based upon your team needs:

1. Leg Swings

2. Stride Jumps

3. Forward Lunges

4. Backward Lunges

5. Scissor Walk

6. Backwards Duck Walk.

Remember to add pucks and fun aspects to the traditionally "boring skating drills".

Teaching Points

Skating: Young players are learning about their edges and their strong side and weak side!!

Attempt to be specific in your feedback and provide it when the player is executing the skill and not standing in line. Players learn by doing and remember that the drill provides them with as much feedback as the coach does. Repetition....Repetition....Repetition.... is the key.

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  • Four Lane Indy 3