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Garbage Dude

Aug. 26, 2020 at 9:31 a.m. MDT

"Garbage Dude", works on balance, basic skating, and the skill of standing up. Garbage is scattered throughout the corner (pucks, cones, sticks). On the whistle, a team of players must collect the garbage and take it to the bin (the net) and drop it inside. While this is occurring the coach pretends to time the players and verbalizes that the team is on "World Record Pace". Players are only permitted to carry one piece of garbage at a time and must deposit it prior to going to the next item. Gloves must be kept on during this drill for safety reasons. Feel free to add progressions such as: Players must jump and squat prior to picking up any garbage.

Teaching Points

Skating: Deep knee bend when squating to pick up the garbage. It is ok if players drop to their knees as it forces them to learn to stand up. The head is up and on a swivel as players skate around, otherwise collisions will occur. Add rules to the collection to work on skating: Blades can't leave the ice (skulling), players must jump prior to picking up each piece of garbage,.......

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