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Aug. 24, 2020 at 9:10 a.m. MDT

"Gladiator", a 1vs1 battle game with an emphasis on building walls and protecting the puck. Players are partnered and spread out throughout the zone. They start laying flat on their belly, arm extented, stick in hand. A puck is spotted just out of reach of the sticks of both partners. On the whistle players stand, attempt to gain puck possession and protect it within their area. Battles which last about 15 seconds are stopped with the whistle. Players rest and re-set.

Teaching Points

Offensive: Read your opponent and attempt to gain possession and body block by using your body as a shield. Feel the opponents body pressure and spin away accordingly into open ice. Utilize fakes and quick change of direction to avoid losing the puck. Defensive: Body on body and watch the chest and not the puck. Stick is always on the ice and in the puck handling lane to chip pucks free. Stop and start skate and don't turn away from the puck carrier.

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