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Goaltender Rim Mania

Aug. 24, 2020 at 4:02 p.m. MDT

"Goaltender Rim Mania", is a very common yet effective station for your goaltenders. The coach rims the puck from the blue line to the net back. The goaltender stops the puck behind the net and attempts to pass it to the coach whom has skated into the zone to support the breakout. A pass is made by the goaltender to the coach and the coach then attacks after turning around the cone. The goaltender following the pass quickly re-establishes position in the net for the attack. As a progression feel free to play the rebound if available.

Teaching Points

Movement & Puck-handling:

- Ensure the puck is along the boards prior to committing.

- Stop the puck with the stick and not the body. The body is the back-up solution. There are various techniques to stop it.

- Read the position of the coach prior to attempting the pass.

- Be quick but not in a hurry to return to the net for the attack.

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  • Goaltender Rim Mania