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Great One Power Skate 1

Aug. 19, 2020 at 10:27 a.m. MDT

"Great One Power Skate 1", is a skating drill which works on agility, balance, change of direction, balance and quickness. On the coaches whistle, layers work for 15-20 seconds. On the whistle the resting partner begins and the active player rests. Players are split into 2-3 player units. Replace pucks that are knocked out of place as the drill is being executed. The skating skills and progressions for coach consideration are:


1) Around the World (around the four pucks).

2) Crazy Skate (chaos in all directions adding knee touches, pivots, jumps, turns).

3) Iron Cross (Skate to middle of pucks, lateral left, back to middle, to top, back to middle, lateral left, back to middle, back to start).

Teaching Points

Skating: Quiet skaters that don't dig in maximize glide and acceleration on change of direction. On turns keep both feet on the ice and encourage players to stay weighted in Zone#2 of the skate blade. Shoulders should be level and logo on the jersey calm and not swinging side to side. The head and eyes are up to chart the course.

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  • Great One Power Skate 1