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Great One Power Skate 2

Aug. 19, 2020 at 10:29 a.m. MDT

"Great One Power Skate 2", is a skating drill which works on agility, balance, change of direction, balance and quickness. On the coaches whistle, players work for 15-20 seconds. On whistle the resting partner begins and the active player rests. Players are split into 2-3 player units. Replace pucks that are knocked out of place as the drill is being executed. The skill and skating progression considerations are:

1) Puck jumpers (players accelerate and hop over puck, tight turn, hop over same puck and go back to start position. Next player goes.

2) Skull Skate (players skate a randomn pattern amongst their four pucks and are not permitted to lift their blades off of the ice.

3) Pivots (players skate forwards to any puck, pivot to backwards and return to the start point).

Teaching Points

Skating: Unweighting and jumping takes confidence and courage. As young players achieve more repetitions the skill becomes much easier. Encourage, be patient and proactive in your coaching.

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  • Great One Power Skate 2