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Great One Puck Control 2

Aug. 24, 2020 at 9:20 a.m. MDT

"Great One Puck Control 2", works on many aspects of puckhandling in a challenging drill. Players are split into 2-3 player units. Replace pucks that are knocked out of place as the drill is being executed. Players execute for 15-20 seconds and then rotate when the coach blows the whistle. Puckhandling progressions for this drill are: Two Player Chaos (players have to keep their head up as they skate any pattern they wish around the four pucks while their partner does also). Toe Drag, players toe drag the four pucks as they skate around the perimeter of the pucks reaching in with the puck and toe dragging while skating. Open pivot skating is critical while toe dragging. Creative moves, players dangle around the pucks with 360's, pick ups, spins, and knee


Teaching Points

Puck Control: As coaches introduce "traffic" and pressure puck skills decline. It is important that coaches always add this element within progressive drills. In the end, you will develop "game players" versus "practice players".

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  • Great One Puck Control 2