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Hide and Seek Passing

Aug. 17, 2020 at 2:27 p.m. MDT

"Hide and Seek Passing", assists players in learning to receive passes and escape to create time and space. One player begins chaosing with their belly always facing the first player in line. Every time the chaosing player receives a pass they tight turn away to escape and then return the pass to the stationary player. After three passes the chaosing player returns to the end of the line and the stationary passer jumps into the drill. This drill is continuous.

Teaching Points

Chaosing Player: Open pivot and have belly face the stationary passer througout the drill. Keep the stick on the ice when supporting the puck and try not to lift it when pivoting. Call for the puck using your voice.

Stationary Player: Avoid slapping the puck and wrist pass for accuracty. Read the receiver and ensure the player is ready for the pass and at a good angle to receive it.

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  • Hide and Seek Passing