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High Jump Challenge

Aug. 19, 2020 at 10:41 a.m. MDT

"High Jump Challenge", addresses deep knee bend, posture and balance. One partner begins onone knee with the stick extended. The stick is held parallel to the ice and about 1 feet off of it.

In part 1, the active player skates, jumps the stick, lands and tight turns and repeats for 20 seconds. The partner then goes.

In part 2 the stick is held closer to the ice and the active player jumps over the stick with one leg and always lands on the outside foot. The player continues the one legged jumps for twenty seconds prior to switching.

For advanced skating have players 180 jump turn over the stick.

Teaching Points

Skating: Deep knee bend on jump and landing. Body control over the stick (calm upper body and use the power in the legs to generate height over the stick). Jump without a stick in this drill for the younger levels (Novice and Atom). Increase the height of the stick as players improve.

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  • High Jump Challenge