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Hog Wild

Aug. 14, 2020 at 3:28 p.m. MDT

"Hog Wild" is a fun and challenging game where there is one less puck than teams. The drill simulates "Musical Chairs". On the whistle teams of two race for the spotted pucks (as per diagram). If there are 5 teams then the game begins with 4 pucks. The coach randomly blows the whistle about every 30 seconds. All players with a puck on the coach whistle bring them to the coaches. These pucks serve as a ticket to the next round. The team without a puck on the whistle is eliminated and must wait in the neutral zone for the game to finish. Play several games.

Teaching Points

Offensively: Quick and open belly support with stick on the ice and hands in front of the body on reception. Evasive moves and attack open ice with speed and acceleration.

Defensively: Read and react to the opponents and the multiple pucks, avoid chasing midlessly all over the zone, work in tandom with teammate to achieve numerical advantage.

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  • Hog Wild