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In the House Attack

Aug. 19, 2020 at 11:50 a.m. MDT

"In the House Attack", allows players to compete in a fun scoring and skating game. The first player in line begins on the hash mark with a puck, and must cut through a portion of the cone box, in the slot area, prior to attacking the goaltender. It the player scores, they return to the line while the 2nd player in line misses their turn and skates to the second set of four cones and must chaos around each cone prior to returning to the line. If the first player does not score, they immediately skate to the other set of cones and perform the chaos skate with a puck, which they pick up from the pile, just outside of the cones. The next player in line then begins. Feel free to change the skating and puck control sequences after the shots.

Teaching Points

Attacks: Utilize change of speed and attack from various angles as players exit the cone box.

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  • In the House Attack