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Intersection Passing

Aug. 24, 2020 at 9:24 a.m. MDT

"Intersection Passing", encourages tempo, acceleration and read and react puck movement skills. Players work with diagonal lines. On the whistle the first blue player from one line and the first red player from one line leave with a puck. Players skate diagonally across the zone and and pass tape to tape to the diagonal line. They then hustle to the back of that line. The player receiving the pass then begins. If two players arrive at the intersection at the same time they must read and react and delay with either a tight turn or open pivot. They then proceed through the intersection when the skating lane is clear.

Teaching Points

Giver: Pass while feet are moving and avoid planting. Strive for deceptive passing and not predictable passing (add fake prior to pass). Head is up as players head into the intersection.

Receiver: Have blade square and ready on the ice. Push the top hand out to square the blade, with the hands in front of the body which makes reception much easier.

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  • Intersection Passing