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Mission Impossible

Aug. 14, 2020 at 3:31 p.m. MDT

"Mission Impossible", is a can't hide battle game that requires all skills and hockey sense. The zone is condensed to the top of the circles and down (signified by the cones). The coach spots a puck into play for a 2vs2. The first team that touches the puck attempts to score. If the defending team steals the puck they must make a pass to their active teammate prior to transitioning to offense and going on the attack. This pattern of transition continues throughout the entire thirty second shift. On whistle, players leave and a new group of four prepares.

Teaching Points

Transition: To transition to offense a pass must be completed to the support teammate active in the drill. Open belly support, finding open ice and open passing lanes quickly by moving your feet is key. Anticipation is also very important and players need to anticipate where the puck is going to go and make quick decisions. Using the net to create time and space is a great way to help the transition.

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