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Mouse Trap Gap

Aug. 24, 2020 at 9:26 a.m. MDT

"Mouse Trap Gap", is excellent for defensemen mobility, puckhandling on transition and defending. On the whistle, the two defensemen (one on each side) begin with the puck backwards and must go as quickly as possible until skates hit blue line, pivot to forwards and then make a tape to tape pass to the waiting forward who cannot leave the blue line until the puck hits their stick. The defensemen then must gap to the center red, pivot to backwards and attempt to defend the rushing forwards. Play the battles for ten seconds and on the whistle the next groups begin.

Teaching Points

Forwards: Cannot accelerate until the puck hits their stick. Attack with speed and read the defender. Attempt to avoid the defensive triangle and attack from forehand to backhand and backhand to forward.

Defenders: Gap as tightly as possible after passing to the forward. Read the forward's speed and adjust accordingly. Control the mid-ice and force the forward to the outside.

Battle hard until the whistle.

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  • Mouse Trap Gap