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Net Back Attack 1

Aug. 14, 2020 at 3:34 p.m. MDT

"Net Back Attack" is a fun warm-up drill that involves all players. Teams are split into two and everyone plays the entire time. Three pucks are in play at all times and if a goal is scored the goaltender needs to spot the puck back into play immediately. There is a "no raise rule" in this game as errant pucks can fly over the net into players that are unaware. Tennis Balls can also be used to add a new dimension. The trick in this drill is to have players play both offensively and defensively. Players have a tendency to attack and forget to defend!

Teaching Points

Offensive: Puck protection and wall building is very important to maintain possession. Awareness of all three pucks is difficult for players but encourage them not to focus on only one.

Defensive: Angling and coverage of the net front ice is important. Aggressive stick and good mobility allows players to defend effectively in this drill as the opponent cannot carry the puck behind the net.

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  • Net Back Attack