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Obstacle Tag

Aug. 25, 2020 at 5:13 p.m. MDT

"Obstacle Tag", is a chase and tag game around obstacles. Coaches can use nets, the puck bucket and pylons as obstacles. In this drill a "Hungry Bear or Bears" are on the hunt for a "Deer" in the woods. Multiple "Bears" and "Deer" can be active at the same time depending on the number of players at the station. The "Bears" actively chase the deer and tag them. If they are successful the players reverse roles immediately. Coaches should provide rest intervals accordingly as players tire. We recommend beginning with one Bear and as players improve progress to two bears to increase the level of challenge.

Teaching Points

Evasive Skating: This involves fakes, deception and change of speed and direction. Players need to read and react to each other as the drill progresses. This is a great drill for hockey sense and anticipation. When changing direction quickly ensue the weight is centred on Zone#2 and Zone#3 on the Maloney Skate Index. Head on a swivel allows players to recognize where danger lies.

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  • Obstacle Tag