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Olympic Speed Skate

Aug. 24, 2020 at 4:29 p.m. MDT

"Olympic Speed Skate" creates lots of enthusiasm for young players. Create two player teams. On the whistle, the first players skate the course and then tag their partner in the tag zone as identified by the lines on the ice. The tag is a push of the butt, like they do in "Short Track Speed Skating". The coach determines the number of laps in the race. No sticks are used in this drill. Coaches should run races in both directions as the drill progresses. You will be amazed at the

conditioning that occurs in this drill!

Teaching Points

Skating: Skating without a stick at times is very important for young players. Arms swing side to side to counter the legs on the same plane. Players side push on the stride (not push back), deep kneed bend and keep blades close to the ice don't kick up the heals. The top skaters also have a calm logo on their jersey that doesn't swing side to side (neutral spine).

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  • Olympic Speed Skate