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One Net Pepper

Aug. 17, 2020 at 2:34 p.m. MDT

"One Net Pepper" is part of the "Pepper Series" and utilizes only one net. Both teams must transition from defense to offense by passing the puck to their support line. The players on the support lines can shoot, pass, and cannot check or be checked. They must stay on the lines and if they step off of the line the puck is awarded to the other team. Shifts are 30 seconds in length and controlled by the whistle. Our goal in this drill is to eliminate un-forced turnovers.

Teaching Points

Offensively: Quick transition is the key to this drill. Attack before the other team is prepared to defend. Quick and deceptive puck movement makes it difficult on the defenders. Look for one timers and shots from the support lines.

Defensively: Prevent the dangerous in close chances and give up the perimeter shots. Be ready to go on offense when anticipating the transition. Body in

the shooting lanes.

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  • One Net Pepper