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Piston Passing

Aug. 17, 2020 at 2:35 p.m. MDT

"Piston Passing", adds a dimension of difficulty to passing strategy and technique. Players are partnered together. On the whistle, two partners begin belly to belly (1 foot apart). They begin to one touch pass and slowly separate while continuing to pass the puck back and forth. They continue the exchange until both players are at the side boards. They them slowly come back together (belly to belly), until they are back to where they started (one foot apart). Players

continue to repeat the sequence until the whistle.

Teaching Points

Giver: Control the velocity based upon the distance of the pass, wrist the puck versus slapping at it which allows for poor control. Pass from the finger tips to the elbow and attempt not to transfer the weight while passing which leads to predictable passes.

Receiver: Call for the puck, keep the blade on the ice with a square target. Hands are pressed in front of the body. Cushion the puck as it strikes the blade of the stick to prevent it from bouncing away.

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  • Piston Passing