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Pizza Attack Double Cheese

Aug. 24, 2020 at 3:29 p.m. MDT

"Pizza Attack - Double Cheese", is a progression to "Pizza Attack", and challenges both the offensive and defensive players in an attack and defend drill. On the whistle, two offensive players attack with a puck and must carry the puck through the center zone circle (carving out a piece of pizza). Players must stay on-side. The defenders starts backwards and pivot around a cone prior to closing the gap to play the 2vs2. Have players battle for 10 seconds prior to blowing the whistle to start the next pair. If the defensive pair steal they hustle back to the line quickly.

Teaching Points

Attack: Look to create gap/time/space on the rush by being evasive and agile. Keep head up and read the defender's speed and body position. Separate and create and width and depth in the attack which is harder to defend.

Defenders: Always face the puck carrier and begin the drill backwards (for the young levels skating forwards is fine). Attempt to control the mid-ice lane and force the attacker to the perimeter. Angling and adjusting speed is critical to have success. Communicate and ensure both defenders are not attacking the puck carrier.

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  • Pizza Attack - Double Cheese