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Power Play Game

Aug. 24, 2020 at 4:35 p.m. MDT

"Power Play Game" is a terrific way to work on your power play and penalty killing. The coach sends in a unit of players, for each color, into the zone For example, 4 Blue players and 2 Red players. The clock is set for 1 minute. The coach blows the whistle and simultaneously passes the puck to the power play unit. The clock starts. The power play attempts to score as many goals as they can in one minute. Every goal is worth 3 points. Every time the penalty kill clears the puck over the blue line it is worth 1 point. Points are tracked on the score clock. After the minute the coach sends a new group of players in and the colors switch roles. Ensure players play in both

the offensive and defensive roles though out the drill.

Teaching Points

Power Play: Quick and deceptive puck movement. Shot passes, back door plays and attack triangles are very important. Attempt to create traffic in front and remove the goaltenders line of sight to the puck. Penalty Kill: Sticks in passing lane and bodies in shooting lanes. Eliminate mid-ice options and force the power play unit to the perimeter. Communicate with partners and the goaltender. Smart and effective clears into open exit lanes is imperative.

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  • Power Play Game