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Red Go Blue Go

Aug. 24, 2020 at 10:56 a.m. MDT

"Red Go Blue Go", is a high tempo warm-up for skating and puck control. On the whistle, one colour of players chaos with their pucks and weave in and out of the stationary players who are the opposite colour. After fifteen seconds, the coach blows the whistle. This activates the stationary players who now chaos and de-activates the active players who become stationary. All players must stay within the cone identified zone. Progression: The stationary players stick check the moving players but are not allowed to move their feet (like being in cement). This forces players to protect the puck and keep their head up in traffic.

Teaching Points

Skaters: Head is up and on a swivel as players chaos. Carry the puck in front of the body and be deceptive by changing speeds and making stick and body fakes. Attempt to go multiple directions and avoid skating in circles. Keep tempo high.

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  • Red Go Blue Go