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Relay Royal Half Ice

Aug. 24, 2020 at 1:39 p.m. MDT

"Relay Royal Half Ice", puts a huge emphasis on goaltending and scoring in a competitive environment. On the whistle, two players from each color (one carries a puck), accelerate to the two cones and regroup around the cone, attacking 2 vs 0. Teams go until they score and must play the original puck until they do so. Once they score it automatically starts the next group within their color. The team with the most goals after 2 minutes is declared the winner of that period. Teams are not allowed to check the other team or interfere with their puck. Play several periods and have the teams switch sides through out the drill.

Teaching Points

Attack Options: Open up to the puck carrier for the one timer option, touch bacck, or deke. Attempt to open the goaltender up by moving the puck laterally with deception. Freeze moves (stick fakes, head fakes, pumps), challenge the goaltenders who become very fatigued in this drill. Watch out for the pokecheck!!!

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  • Relay Royal Half Ice