Rocket Game

Aug. 24, 2020 at 4:37 p.m. MDT

"Rocket Game" begins with a 2vs2 or 3vs3 in the end zone. One of the coloured teams begins on offence and the coach passes the puck to this team. The offensive team attempts to score. The defensive team attempts to gain puck possession and pass the puck to one of the waiting players in the neutral zone. Once this occurs, the other colour then attacks the offensive team that has now has transitioned into the defensive team and must defend the new rush. The defensive team that broke out of the zone initially hustles out quickly and moves into lines in the neutral zone in preparation for the next set. Coaches need to pay very close attention to shift length as teams can be trapped in the zone for a long period of time. If this happens the coach can either blow the drill down or encourage players to battle through the fatigue as a conditioning objective. The drill is continuous. Coaches need to be very organized in the neutral zone to assist this drill in running smoothly.

Teaching Points

Offense: Quick transition and attack upon zone entry. Triangulation which always provides the puck carrier with multiple options. Deceptive puck movement and attacks. to maintain puck possession through effective puck management.

Defence: Identify and communicate to create 3, 1vs1's., defensive side body position, stick on puck and body on body.

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