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Roll the Dice

Aug. 24, 2020 at 1:42 p.m. MDT

"Roll The Dice", challenges players against the clock and tracks their goal scoring prowess. On the whistle, two players leave the original goal crease and head to their four puck configuration. As quickly as possible they retrieve all four pucks (in any order they wish), and attempt to score. No rebounds permitted. Players see how many goals they score out of four and are given their time by the coach. The players with the most goals and fastest times are declared the winners at the end of the drill. Coaches and players need to work together to re-spot the pucks after each round.

Teaching Points

Attackers: Coordinate maximum speed with scoring. Re-group quickly to catch goaltenders off guard. Attack from all different angles and not straight up the middle.

Goaltenders: Re-set the angle for every re-group, center on the puck and not the body of the shooter. Be aggressive and off the goal line.

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  • Roll The Dice