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S Shot

Aug. 19, 2020 at 11:04 a.m. MDT

"S Shot", links together skating and shooting skills. The goal is for players to shoot while in stride and be purposeful on every single shot. Players skate a pattern which involves touching (blue line, red line, blue line, red line, and then attacking). The pattern can be performed forwards, backwards, or a combination of both with pivots. The turns executed must be very narrow to ensue players don't run out of room. A player from both sides begins on the whistle and once they are mid-way through the pattern the next players begin. Icing on the cake is the forwards or backwards lunges the players perform after the shot as they head back into line!

Teaching Points

Puck Control: High speed turns with feet moving and explosive cross-overs. Shoulders are level, neutral spine, puck in front of the body. Encourage players to stay in Zone #2 on the skate blade as they execute a change of direction. Both feet should be on the ice during the execution of the turn.

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  • S Shot