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Three Zone War Full Ice

Aug. 24, 2020 at 3:16 p.m. MDT

"Three Zone War", is a player favorite. Three players of each color are assigned to one of the three zones. Blue is attempting to move three pucks from their defensive zone to the neutral zone and into the offensive zone where they try to score. Red is attempting to move the three pucks the other way. Players are not allowed to pass it from end zone to end zone and must pass it to the transition players in the neutral zone. If a goal is scored the puck is immediately put back into

play. Players in the drill are not permitted to skate across the blue lines and must stay in their zone. Play a three minute period, take a quick break and then move players to a new zone and then play the next three minute period. Usually three periods of the game is sufficient. Keep score to maintain intensity.

Teaching Points

Offensive: Support the puck with open bellies and provide a good target, explode to open ice when players receive the puck and protect it if in danger of losing it. Communicate with teammates with voice and eyes. Be patient with the puck and don't force it through closed passing lanes or make obligatory passes to players that are covered.

Defensive: Take ice and gap away quickly on waiting pass options, stick on the puck and body on the body. Head is always on a swivel and players are aware of all three pucks not just one.

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  • Three Zone War