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Tombstone Shooting

Aug. 25, 2020 at 4:57 p.m. MDT

"Tombstone Shooting", is great for players out on the ice early or working on individual shooting skills. One net is positioned normally and the other is laid flat down on the ice and pushed back against the normal net. One player feeds the shooter by banking pucks off the cross-bar of the net laying on the ice. The shooter must read the bank and adjust accordingly prior to shooting the puck. After 15 shots, the players switch roles. Players can also move and bank the puck from various positions. To score the puck must be buired in the top corner as the bottom net eliminates all shots but the perfect ones.

Teaching Points

Shooter: Adapt to each puck and trap the bank prior to shooting. Open belly on reception. Look at the target when releasing and shoot as quickly as possible. Stick is always on the ice and ready to release.

Banker: Change the velocity on the banks and change the angle at which you bank the puck to challenge the shooter. Wrist the puck flat to ensure the puck hits the cross-bar.

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  • Tombstone Shooting