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Trojan Pass

Aug. 19, 2020 at 11:24 a.m. MDT

"Trojan Pass" is a multi-progression passing and skating drill. Create the number of lines based on the number of players. 2-3 players per line is recommended. The first player begins with the puck and accelerates to the opposite line. The player makes a tape to tape pass to the opposite line and then hustles to the back of the line where they made the pass. Upon reception of the pass the next player begins and goes the opposite direction. This drill is continuous. If passes are errant, players simply grab a puck at the front of the line and continue.

Progressions for consideration are:

1. Basic Carry

2. Tight Turns

3. Pivots

4. Two Passes

Teaching Points

Giving: Hands pressed in front of the body with a square blade, crisp wrist passes without weight transfer, turn toe of blade over on pass release. Receiving: Cushion puck with hands in front of the body, provide visible target, communicate by calling for the pass.

Progression: Basic, Tight Turns then pass, pivots then pass, 2 passes.

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