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Weaving Wizards

Aug. 25, 2020 at 9:40 a.m. MDT

"Weaving Wizards", incorporates agility skating with a puck and passing for players at all levels. On the whistle, the first player in each line begins with a puck and weaves through the cones and then heads back to their line. Once half way back they pass the puck to the next player in line who then begins. If the pass is missed the next player in line simply begins with a spotted puck. Coaches can have players perform the weave forwards or backwards and can incorporate other

creative elements (puck on one side of the cones, skates on the other).

Teaching Points

Puck Control: Carry the puck in front of the body. Avoid over stick-handling and cradle the puck. Hands are kept close together to improve width in puck handling as players weave side to side.

Passing; Wrist pass versus slapping at the puck. Pass with the hands and puck in front of the body versus the side.

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  • Weaving Wizards