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Backdoor Larceny

Aug. 24, 2020 at 3:50 p.m. MDT

"Backdoor Larceny", has player one start mid- ice with pucks at the top of the circle while player number two is below the goal line on either side of the net also with pucks. Player one starts the drill with a shot low on the pad of whatever side player two is on. Once the goaltender stops the shot they recover quickly back to the post where player two tries to take a bad angle shot. It is important for both players to remember the goalie has player gloves on so both shots need to stay low. Player one waits for the goalie to recover before taking the next shot.

Teaching Points

-Lean in to the original shot and drive the knees in to the ice to create a good seal down low.

-Keep the knees close together to maximize the strength of the push back towards the post

-Once the push has happened to the post try to create as mush coverage as possible by leaning the whole body up against the post.

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  • Backdoor Larceny