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Breakout Blitz

Aug. 17, 2020 at 2:17 p.m. MDT

"BreakOut Blitz", is a high tempo breakout drill that simplies the basics of a good breakout. The coach dumps a puck in for three players who attempt to break out as quickly as possible. The first player back to the puck, retrieves and comitts to one side of the ice or the other, the second player back provides the strong side anchor on the half boards and the third player into the zone reads and supports the anchor side. The retriever can pass to either option and then follows closely in case the puck is dropped back. As soon as the three player unit crosses the blue line the coaches quickly dumps a puck for the next unit waiting.

Teaching Points

Retriever: Get back to the puck quickly with head on a swivel and shoulder checking. Turn body around as quickly as possible to look up ice. Anchor Support: Open belly and stick position is critical to provide good target. Mark at the hashmark as a good starting point. Time the pivot with the retriever. Mid-Ice Support: Read the play and support to the puck side. Create a good pass angle and communicate with eyes and voice. One touch passing and quick puck movement is encouraged.

Goaltenders: Play the puck on all dump ins. Set it up to enhance the breakout success rate.

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