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Bugs Bunny Stick Chase

Aug. 17, 2020 at 4:19 p.m. MDT

"Bugs Bunny" challenges every level of skater. Two sticks are laid on the ice and butt up against each other. Partners line up on opposite sides of the sticks. On the whistle the "Coyote" chases the "Rabbit" in an attempt to tag them but players must be on the same side of the stick to do so and players are not allowed to step over the stick. Make partner groups competitve and evenly matched. Coaches should allow the chase for approximately 20 seconds. On the whistle players stop and rest for 15 seconds then continue. Players will alternate their roles between the "Coyote" and the "Rabbit".

Teaching Points

Players should have level shoulders and lead with inside skate while executing tight turns. Players should try and have a neutral spine and calm logo. Rabbits should use deceptive moves to escape the coyote while coyotes need to read and react. Coyotes who can anticipate the rabbits moves will have great success.

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  • Bugs Bunny Stick Chase