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Bulls Eye

Aug. 17, 2020 at 11:45 a.m. MDT

"Bulls Eye", is a 1vs1 compete game which integrates hockey sense into a challenging battle game. To begin, the coach spots a puck anywhere in the circle and players race for the puck and both attempt to gain puck possession and score. If the puck is shot outside the circle the coach quickly spots a new one into the circle and the combatants continue. Shifts are twenty seconds in length. On the whistle, both players exit the circle and two new players prepare. Goaltenders need to be ready for this one as the attacks come from in front, the side and behind!

Teaching Points

Offensive: Use the quiet zones (area behind the net and on the perimeter of the circle). Hide behind the net and use it as a shield and protector to eliminate pressure from the defender. Be creative on the net back attacks and wraparounds.

Defensive: Protect the net front area. Do not chase the puck carrier behind the net and allow them to walk out on the other side. Transition quickly from offense to defense and vice-versa.

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