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Center of the Universe

Aug. 14, 2020 at 3:23 p.m. MDT

"Center of the Universe", creates a competitive environment where puck protection and puck patience takes precedence. Pucks are fed into the middle circle by the coach. Players battle one versus one or two versus two with both teams attempting to score. The playing area is defined by the four perimeter cones around the outside of the circle. Player battles last for about twenty seconds and if pucks are shot out of the identified cone area the coach spots a new puck into play immediately. On the whistle, players exit the game and the new players prepare to begin. Deceptive and creative players will have great success.

Teaching Points

Puck Protection: Roll off of the check and spin into open ice. Use the net as a shield to create time and space.

Puck Skills: Attack the net with the stick on the ice and in the "ready position". Body bumping is encouraged as players learn to compete in a real world game.

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